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My usual day starts at 7 AM, when I get up and rush to my bathroom to take a shower and clean my teeth. I do not usually eat breakfast early on, thus I take a sandwich or two to the school and eat them as the day goes by.

At 8AM, I am already at my school, and it is also when all the lessons begin. It takes six to eight hours to finish the school, and now the fun part begins.

Once I am back at home, I eat dinner and text my friends with a question as to what to do next. If one answers me with a specific offering, we are set to hang out at about 5PM, and if noone does, I will workout at my local gym. Once I am back at home once again, I browse the web and do all the homework I was assigned to do a few hours earlier in the day. When everything is done, I will go to my bed at 11PM and hopefully fall asleep as fast as possible.


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Póki co mamy tylko jeden opis dnia po angielsku :) Jeśli chcesz stworzyć własny przykład swojego dnia po angielsku i przyczynić się do rozbudowy serwisu, napisz go w komentarzu, a my umieścimy go na stronie wraz z Twoim imieniem. Z góry dzięki :)