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My friend’s flat is average in terms of size, as it features two rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lobby. The flat is furnished with contemporary furniture; there are no pieces of furniture that would be ten years old or older. It is fairly stylish, and designed with taste.

In the living room stands a massive table always topped with fruits and cookies, a set of chairs surrounding the table, curtains hiding a huge window right behind them, a big shelf filled with books of various kinds, and a pair of paintings hanging on the right wall. The second room, which is where my friend sleeps, is a cozy room with just the essential furniture my friend needs to get through a day. There is a window on the wall opposite to the entrance, before which stands a desk carrying my friend’s laptop and school notes. On the right, there is a big wardrobe with all of my friend’s clothes inside, while the left-hand side is a home to three shelves that are placed one under each other.

The kitchen has all the right equipment for a cook to prepare a tasty meal, and the bathroom is just a shower, toilet bowl, and a sink. To sum up, my firiend’s flat has all it takes to lead a happy live in a relatively small place. I bet he loves it, as he has repeatedly told me how much he enjoys spending time in his own flat.


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