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My bedroom is my favourite room in my whole house. The reason for that is mainly because this is where I sleep, and sleeping is what I like the most. That is not to say that the room itself does not have its own qualities that make me like it even more, though. It is quite a spacious place, as at a party, I have managed to get up to ten people inside, thus I am unlikely to run out of space when I spend my time inside alone. Furniture-wise, there is a table right in front of the window, which is flanked by a wardrobe on one side and lamp on the other. On the right-hand side of the room hang posters of my favourite band, with no furniture standing on that side. On the left, there is my bed, above which are two shelves on which I keep my tank models I assembled when I was a child. Once you walk into my room, you will notice a red woven carpet, which I do like because of its intense colour. I love my room, and I see it as my small kingdom I would not trade for anything else.


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