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Przykład ogłoszenia nr 1

Ogłoszenie o imprezie halloweenowej:


On Thursday, October 31st in
Club Dark Town
26th Gothic Street
Prizes for the fanciest dress!
What we’re looking for is originality, creativity and scariness!
For free invitations call Leyna at 864 735 764

Przykład ogłoszenia nr 2

Ogłoszenie o zgubie:


Yesterday, on March 17th at 6PM I left my cell phone at a local McDonald’s restaurant
It was a silver, small flip phone
Finder will be rewarded with $20
Contact me at

Przykład ogłoszenia nr 3

Autor: Małgorzata

Ogłoszenie o poszukiwaniu kursu hiszpańskiego:

Dear Sirs,

I’m looking for a Spanish language conversation and prononciation course in Rzeszow. Hence, if there are any native Spanish teachers who organize such types of courses, please give me a call under the following number: 06 77 33 57 56. I’m ready to pay up to 600 PLN monthly and would be interesed in starting the classes immediately.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards

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Przykład ogłoszenia nr 4

Autor: Gimnazjalistka

Ogłoszenie o poszukiwaniu pracy:

I am 18 years old student and I am looking for a part-time job.
It doesn?t have to be well-paid, but I expect more than $2 per hour.
For me, the most appropriate hours to work are between 2-10 pm, when I am not in college.
I have adequate qualifications to be a barmaid, including a few waitress courses.
Call me at this number 885-323-791

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