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opis obrazka po angielsku

In the picture, I can see two men walking through the beach. In the background, I see a wide beach and other people also taking a walk. Clouds cover all the sky, so it is grey. It is probably afternoon. I suppose it is cold there, because both men are wearing jackets. Maybe it is autumn. The man on the left is wearing a black jacket with orange collar, jeans and trainers. The other man is wearing a leather jacket, brown trousers and shoes. They both have dark hair and they are holding their hands in their pockets. I think they are at least thirty years old. For me, they look like close friends, walking together through the beach and talking, maybe about their job, maybe about their lives. Perhaps one of them just broke with a girfriend and needs a help from his friend. It is hard to say exactly beacuse we cannot see their faces, but beach is a good place for conversations connected with this kind of topics. I think I described everything about this picture, do you have any questions?

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