E mail po angielsku przykład 2

Przykładowy e mail do koleżanki:


You want to visit the Paris Fashion Show and your pen friend Danielle, who lives in Paris, has agreed to put you up in her flat. Write an email and ask her about the show and the train timetable. Use 200-250 words.


Dear Danielle,

Thanks for the advertisement you sent me about the Fashion Show. I think it will be a fantastic event and I want to be there, but before I come to Paris I need to know a little more about train timetables and the show. Could you give me more information?

I’m trying to decide which train to take. I think the best option is to take the last one from London, but it doesn’t arrive in Paris until about ten o’clock. Will that be OK, or is it too late for you?

I’ve never been to a fashion show before. I’ve never been to Paris, either, so I need your advice. What kind of clothes do you think I should wear? And what’s the weather like at the moment? Is it warm or rather cold? Do I need to bring some warm clothes? What about rain? What are the weather forecasts? Do they say it is going to rain within the next 2 days or not? I don’t know if I am able to pack into my bag, it isn’t too big. Maybe I will take 2 of them.

By the way, what shall we do on Sunday? How about going for a walk in the park, or going on a river cruise? Or maybe you’ve got some other, better ideas? Tell me if something comes to your mind.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Answer me as soon as it’s possible.




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