List nieformalny po angielsku przykład 3

Przykładowy list prywatny do przyjaciela:


Dear Mark,

Good to hear from you again. I hope you’re well and everything’s OK. Sorry for that I haven’t written to you for a long time, but I’ve been a little busy. I was organising a birthday party for my mother, and I want to tell you about it.

First of all, It was a great succes. I told my mother we were taking her out for a quiet meal at a local restaurant, but in fact I’d hired a big room in a hotel and invited all her closest friends.When we went out I told my mom that I’d changed my mind and we will eat our meal in a hotel’s restaurant. You should have seen her face when she walked into the room and everyone cheered. A few second after that all people started singing „Happy Birthday”. She just couldn’t believe it and burst into tears, but she was also smiling all the time. Then the party got going, and it didn’t finish until four in the morning.

We were absolutely exhausted, but my mother had a wonderful time. She is worth it. I love her and I wanted to do that for her.

I’ve got to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.




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