Opinion Essay Przykład 1 – Rozprawka na temat edukacji

Opinion Essay Przykład 1

Przykładowa rozprawka typu Opinion Essay na temat edukacji

Education would be more effective if it was optional. Provide examples supporting your point of view.

Many people believe that education would be more effective if it was optional. I understand their point of view and in my opinion they are right, but I cannot agree with all they claim.

In my view, it would be better for the society and teenagers if education was optional. Nowadays, all young people under 18 have to go to school, and it does not matter if they want it or not. For example, they may have talents and interests, which they cannot develop at school. In the future, they will make a living from their hobbies, and the knowledge acquired at school is not neccesary in this case.

What is more, for people who really want to learn, this solution also has many advantages. Teachers would have fewer students, so consequently, they could focus on them more and would not lose time for teaching people who do not really want to learn.

On the other hand, everyone should have basic knowledge about geography, history or mathematics, because it is helpful in life. They do not have to be experts in every field of science, but they ought to know where their country is located and who the president is.

In conclusion, all people should learn, but only until they get the necessary level of knowledge. After that, education should be only for those who really want to learn, and then, it would be more effective.


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Opinion Essay Przykład 1 – Rozprawka na temat edukacji
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