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Kamil has been my colleague for three years. I met him for the first time at the beginning of the first class in my high school when he wanted to borrow a pen because he forgot to pack his pencil case.

Physically, Kamil looks older then most other men at the age of eighteen. He is of average height and quite muscular build. His sparkling, expressive, blue eyes on his round face underline his friendliness. He preferes to wear casual, comfortable clothes.

As for his personality, Kamil’s most striking characteristic is his fantastic sense of humor. The ability of turning everything into a joke helps everyone to forget about any problem for a while. Kamil is very good-natured and always has time to chat. He also has a distance to himself because he hardly ever gets offended except when someone is insulting his classmates. However, he tends to be quite nervous when it comes to playing football. Then, he gets annoyed at everything what he does wrong, even when his team is winning.

Kamil always seems to have some free time for his friends. He really likes spending time on the pitch or watching films or dancing all night long in a club. He supports a speedway team Unibax Toruń.

All in all, Kamil is a perfect companion when it comes to having fun. Since the day I met him for the first time we have grown very close and he will be remembered by me as the funniest guy of all the time.

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