Opis siebie po angielsku

Poniżej znajdziecie przykładowe opisy siebie po angielsku, zarówno dla dziewczyny jak i chłopaka. Koniecznie zobaczcie również cechy charakteru po angielsku i opis wyglądu zewnętrznego po angielsku. Mamy nadzieję że te informacje pomogą wam napisać własny opis siebie po angielsku :)

Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 1 – Chłopak

Wzór opisu siebie po angielsku dla chłopaka

My name is John and I am an 18-year-old student. My passion is music and my dream job is to be a world-famous DJ.

I am 180 cm tall. My spiky hair add to my eccentric personality, and some consider them wacky. I have protruding brown eyes and a straight nose. My lips are thin and my chin is squarish. Since I have worked out a little at a local gym, my shoulders are broad and my overall build is muscular. I am very slim in waist and my legs are rather thin.

According to my friends, I am friendly, yet a bit of an introvert. I will often focus on myself and on my own needs instead of looking at others. Despite that, people I know have never told me I am an ignorant type and will often praise me for my trustworthiness. To be honest, I am aware of one big issue as far as my character is concerned. I am lazy, so I will often put off things and do whatever I want to do first.

In conclusion, I consider myself a friendly, if somewhat introvertic person who sticks out of the crowd a little, especially thanks to my hair that cannot go unnoticed.


Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 2 – Chłopak

Wzór opisu siebie po angielsku dla chłopaka

My name is Michał. I live in Warsaw, Poland. I was born on March 2nd, 1996. I am 17 years old. I go to high school. I am tall and well-built. I have short, brown hair, big brown eyes, and a straight, small nose.

Usually, I wear fitted clothes, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. When I am at home, I wear tracksuit and slippers.
I am a very friendly and optimistic person. I smile a lot and always try to be happy, looking for good sides of any situation. Oftentimes I do not take things seriously, even if I should. Sometimes people say that I am a bit crazy, but thanks to that I have many friends.

My hobby is reading books. I also like listening to music, playing the guitar as well as computer games. Lastly, I spend much time in the Internet, especially on Facebook, but I also ride a bike a lot, and sometimes play basketball with my friends. In the future, I want to become a famous musician.


Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 3 – Dziewczyna

Wzór opisu siebie po angielsku dla dziewczyny

Hi! I am a 17-year-old girl, Sandra, who loves hanging out with friends and talking about celebrities.

I am a fashion lover. I always wear fashionable clothes that I have no problem finding the right size of, as I am a slim girl. Also, I am short size-wise, which I actually do not have a problem with. I have a brother whose name is Josh. Even though we are of similar age, we do not get along too well. He is interested in football, while I absolutely do not understand what is to be liked about that sport.

I have short, curly red hair, freckles on my cheeks, and green eyes that contrast with the freckles and the color of my hair. My legs are of medium length and straight. I often change the style of shoes I wear, but I mostly prefer flat, elegant ones.

As for my personality, I have a hard time describing it, as I do not like talking about my character. People say I am very explosive and energetic, and I tend to agree with this statement. I get along with girls well, but I do not have many male friends, probably because of differences in interests and hobbies.

All in all, I am a big fashion victim who likes to show that in her appearance. My personality may not be the easiest, but people like it.


Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 4 – Dziewczyna

Wzór opisu siebie po angielsku dla dziewczyny

I am Sandra, a 22-year-old woman from Kraków, a student od law on Jagiellonian University.

I am 170 cm tall, thus it is fair to say I am pretty tall for a girl. I love my hair – long, brown, straight, and, what I like the most about them, a hundred percent natural. In fact, I have grown them since I was a little girl and have always taken a great care of. My face is longish and a little round. My blue eyes are almond-shaped, and my ears and lips are of average size. While my chest and belly are slim, it is my legs that make me a tall woman. These are long, straight and slim, and according to my friends, make me look very good, especially when on high-heels.

As for my personality, I am a friendly, very outgoing person with a few tricky traits in tow. I will very often initiate new friendships, but hardly ever make people my close friends. People say I am a bit stubborn – I agree with this statement to a degree, but this is mainly due to the fact that I am a girl.

To conclude, I think that my personality greatly matches my appearance. I am tall and slim, and my character adds to an intriguing, somewhat tricky package.


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