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This year’s holidays were the best ones of my whole life to date. They started in July, which is when I travelled to Warsaw and got to know a lot of friendly people. We would go out every evening for two weeks, and I have so many good memories from that time. Then came mid-July, when I had to come back home for the next two weeks, but then I again left my home to make my way to Germany, which is one of the most beautiful I have ever been to.

The country is very clean, well-organized, and people living there are as friendly as it gets. In Germany, I met Nicole, a girl who turned out to be a great guide, as I spent three weeks wandering through places with her, and during that time she told me anything I would ask her about every place we came to. As an acknowledgement to the effort she made, I bought her a pair of beautiful shoes she once told me she would love to acquire. The next month or so turned out to be quite a lazy time, during which I got to rest a lot, and recover from the long trip I had taken before.

The last month of the holidays was August, which is my favourite month of the year. I seem to know why I like it so much – right at the beginning of this year’s August, I won over $2,000 in a lotery, which enabled me to travel to Indonesia, a country I had always liked to go to. It was an organized trip, so I could travel and marvel at the beauty of the country stresslessly, just the way anyone would love to visit a place. Yet again, I made a few new friends, who where native Indonesians. They familiarized me with the culture of the country and introduced to numerous customs Indonesia posseses. I spent roughly three weeks there, which was the most amazing time of my life.

All in all, my last holidays were the time I will never forget and always look back to fondly.


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