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A few months ago I had a free weekend and I decided to visit my friend Sylwia in her flat. I bought a train ticket to Poznań and packed. A day after I had my train. Surprisingly enough, the train wasn’t delayed, though then there was a strong winter with huge blizzards, and delays were frequent.

The travel took 3 hours and wasn’t really comfortable. The train was very old, devastated, and overcrowded, so I didn’t enjoy it.

Finally I arrived in Poznań. Sylwia was waiting for me there. We went to her flat and ate something. After that we went to do some sightseeing in the Old Town. In the evening, she suggested to drink some beers and to go to the club.

We chose the „club 22” and went there about 11PM. That night in that club a lottery took place, and I decided to participate in that. I didn’t expect it, but I won the main prize – I could drink all night for free. I took the opportunity and ordered as much champagne as I was able to drink.

After several hours I was totally drunk, and I wanted to go back to Sylwia’s place. I wasn’t able to find her in the club so I decided to go there on my own. I went out of the club and tried to find the way back there. After a few streets, I looked around and I suddenly realized that I got lost.


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