Opowiadanie po angielsku przykład 3

Przykładowe opowiadanie o szczęśliwej ucieczce:

Write a story about lucky escape.

It was snowing all week, so on Sunday my family decided to drive out tothe country to find a beautiful stream. We got out of the car and put on our backpacks. I also picked up a walking pole that my father had given me as a present when I was just seven, and I had never gone walking without it.

The landscape was breathtaking that day, with with ice on the ground reflecting the sun like a mirror. As we got to the stream, I was amazed to see that it was frozen in places. Being curious, I used my pole to see how hard the ice was. But just as I was doing so, the stick fell out of my hands right into the ice-cold water. I went closer to the edge of the stream and bent over to see if I could reach it. As quick as lightning, I slipped on the icy rocks, straight into the freezing stream.

„Help!” I shrieked, but there was nothing really that my parents or sister could do. I gasped as the cold water penetrated my clothes. I would freeze to death if I didn’t get out fast. Fully shocked, I managed to pull myself up out of the water, against the current.

I was standing, shivering in my wet clothes, when suddenly I felt a strange movement just next to my heart. „That’s it, I’m going to have a heart attack!” I groaned. But then I realized that it wasn’t my heart, it was my mobile phone which was vibrating wildly after getting submerged into the water. „Two lucky escapes in one day” I sighed as we all headed back to the car.

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Opowiadanie po angielsku przykład 3 – opowiadanie o szczęśliwej ucieczce
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