Przykładowe rozprawki po angielsku

Wzory rozprawek typu pros and cons po angielsku

Rozprawka to długa forma wypowiedzi pojawiająca się na maturze rozszerzonej z języka angielskiego. Może się również zdarzyć że zostanie ona zadana jako zwykła praca domowa, w klasach z rozszerzonym językiem angielskim.

Rozprawki angielskie mogą mieć 2 typy, są to: „Pros and Cons”, oraz „Opinion Essay„. Każda z nich charakteryzuje się nieco inną konstrukcją, o czym można przeczytać we wpisie Jak napisać rozprawkę po angielsku.


Oto zbiór artykułów związanych z rozprawkami po angielsku


Jak napisać rozprawkę po angielsku?

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 1 (rozprawka na temat wad i zalet posiadania telefonu komórkowego)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 2 (rozprawka na temat profesjonalnego uprawiania sportu przez nastolatków)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 3 (rozprawka na temat wpływu postępującej komputeryzacji na relacje międzyludzkie)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 4 (rozprawka na temat wad i zalet życia w dużym mieście)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 5 (rozprawka na temat wad i zalet prac domowych)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 6 (rozprawka na temat indywidualistów)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 7 (rozprawka na temat gier wideo i komputerów)

Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 8 (rozprawka na temat jedzenia mięsa)


Jak napisać opinion essay?

Przykładowe rozprawki typu opinion essay


Mamy już osiem przykładowych rozprawek po angielsku :) Jeśli chcesz stworzyć własną rozprawkę i przyczynić się do rozbudowy serwisu, napisz ją w komentarzu, a my umieścimy ją na stronie wraz z Twoim imieniem. Z góry dzięki :)

Przykładowe rozprawki po angielsku
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  1. Undoubtedly among our acquaintances there are some individualists. For sure they differ from others. Having opportunity to watch them in various ocasions we are aware of many advantages but also some drawbacks.
    First of all, they usually are said to be original, wise and creative. These features are beneficial becasue they are capable of thinking outside of the box and suggest atypical solutions to various problems. Moreover, their work is very efficient and well done due to the fact that they exactly know what they aim to and sacrifice themselves. Doing their best they do not let themseleves to any failure.
    Individualists have their own world, which can be a shleter. As a result, they are so persistant and independent that no one can hurt them.
    However, being an individualistt has its drawbacks. In the long run people cannot deal with their orginality and oddity, as they are not on the same wavelength with others. Not only are they solitary but also they have difficulty in applying for a job. Most of bosses naeither tolerate their character nor appreciate their gifts. Futhermore, they often look down on others, underestimate some trends and feel misunderstood by people.
    Altogether, individualists are valuable and interesting people, but for the price of being liked they should try get along with others. They had better be themselves while socialise with others.

    226 words

  2. What is more important in education of children, punishment or award ?

    People who decide to have children are likely to do not be aware of difficulty of bringing

    them up initially. After couple of years they find out that they are to choose method of raising their

    offspring, penalty or award ? In both cases they can suffer the consequences. As far as I am

    concerned I would rather reward my children than punish him/her.

    Due to the fact that children are partial to sweets or toys their parents can take advantage of

    this observation and create ?award system?. This, undoubtfully, make their relationship

    more clear and logical. From child they know what is worthwhile and what is worthless. A child

    repeats majority of good behaviours and he/she assures in them. Not only do parents create

    possitive atmosphere but also are superbing examle for their children. As a result, they have so

    strong reltionship that it cannot be destroyed even in adolescence, age of rebeling, of their children.

    Moreover, children have far stronger motivation to gain their aims as well as assurance of parents’

    love and proud.

    Award is sometimes said to spoilt children, but penalty also. Wise parents more often would

    choose this method which definitely less hurt their offspring.

    To sum up, if somebody asked me I would always chose rewarding children rather than

    punishment. I also state that punishment have a lot of sad consequences and no reason to motivate

    children at all.

    239 WORDS

  3. Advantages and disadvantages off working for home

    No matter age and place of residence, we are in charge of keeping order. Sometimes it is thought that cleaning is boring. However, some people find it needful, others relaxing.
    Firstly, cleaning can be extra reason to move up and lose weight. Moreover, physical work may make us more relaxed after mental ones. Wiping the dust or washing dishes can be breaks between other activities. During them we can collect ours thoughts. In peace of mind we have opportunity to think through problems.
    Besides, our parents and roommate will be given pleasure and perhaps they will draw inspiration from our example and also get down to clean.
    It seems clear, that only when we tidy up our room by ourselves, do we know where everything is. Only in this way are we able to take care of our room?s décor and make us feel well there.
    However, it is claimed that cleaning is an uphill job, especially in case children and teenagers, who are forced to tidy up and are not accustomed to keeping order.
    It is hard to deny that working for home is tiring and after it we can relax only. It takes much time, during which we could do more interesting things.
    For others, it is unprofitable, because they are nearly never in home. They do not attach importance to the order and they are likely not think about it.
    To my mind, working for home is very important, because when we have order around us, we also have order in or minds.

    256 WORDS

  4. Drawbacks and benefits of living in a big city

    One group of people associates city with noise, another with variety and enormous chances.

    Though, neither of them will find out the truth unless they try to live there for a while.

    It is hard to deny that big cities are likely to broaden your horizons. They are claimed to

    have plenty of facilities like swimming pools, gyms or theatres. Thanks to it you are not made to

    boredom. Undoubtedly, you are able to be more sophisticated rather than people form the

    countryside. This can help you get appealing job in diverse corporations, which are settled down

    there. Even if the city is vast, the communiication is so developed that you will not bothet it at all.

    However, big cities are claimed to be annoying, crowded and as a result full off trafic jams.

    It can drive you mad, does not allowed to lead peaceful life and takes time. Thus, enormous

    polution can be a source of illneses for our children and senior who are not immune enough.

    Futhermore, living in a big city involve costs. For example, children demand far more than these

    from the countryside. Not only do their whims are expensive, but also education, extra activities and

    costs of living.

    In person, I prefer living in a big city in terms of entertainment, my education and absorbing

    job. If I happen find village suitable place to live, I will most likely move there.

    238 words

  5. Experts claim that common computerization
    will destroy any relationships between people

    We live in age of big changes and watch phenomenons, which are caused by many discoveries. Thanks to sociologists? researches we can cast an expert eye on it.
    Some people claim computerization put in jeopardy our relationships because it takes much time and fast make us dependent on using computer. A number of social networking websites take our free time and replace real world with the virtual ones. Parents say they would rather children had played with peers and talked with them more often.
    Despite of work simplification, many activities like production in factories or harvesting which in the past were done together, now have disappeared at all. Modernity are not conducive to build strong ties.
    Computers and Internet make us used to thought that everything should be immediate. We have lost the habit to wait. For this reason we get nervous with our close people who are not like a machine, but only a human.
    On the other hand, we could be aware of this phenomenon and take care about our relationships. There are many appeals persuading us to pay attention to our ties.
    Moreover, Internet may make us more sociable and simplify our contacts. We can send e-mail to almost everyone, keep in touch and settle scores on Internet economizing free time.
    What is more, many friendships were struck up on Intenet thanks to facebook or chat. People do not feel lonely and see each other thanks to Skype.
    To summing up, we should realize this danger phenomenon and really watch over our relationships which we still have.

    260 WORDS

  6. Coraz wiecej nastolatków uprawia sporty profesjonalnie. za i przeciw

    More and more teenagers are taking up sport professionally. The moot question is whether it has only positive sides, or if it is a negative phenomenon. That is what I will discuss below.

    Firstly, proponents of the sport and activity argue that it is healthy. Young people can keep shape and fit, they have great condition, are unlikely to become sick. Secondly taking up sport with trainer can open them every door. Big chances are given to them. They meet influential people and become recognizable in society. Teenagers are famous and rich. Sportsmen may do what they really can and love.

    On the other hand opponents say that it is exhausting. Teenagers are often worn out. They need to train long hours if they want to achieve success. What is more, it destroy their youth and affected their friendship. They have no time for themselves. Sometimes young sportsmen have not friends due to not having time for them. They exercise regularly and it absorbs them at all. Moreover, they are in danger of contusion. If anything goes wrong they can lose everything they achieve so far.

    To sum up both proponents and opponents have a lot of arguments to prove that they are right. Taking into consideration all aforementioned arguments I tend to agree with proponents more

  7. Should teens play video games or use a computer???

    Teens play video games and use a computer more and more. Is it healthy?
    Firstly teens have a health problem. They often have headaches and problems with eyes. Video games relieve stress, anger in teens. They play for long hours and they not hang out with friends. In addition to teens can be violent.
    On the other hand computers let chat, talk and help doing homework. Teens have better computer skills. What is more computers and video games give them enjoyable. Last, but not least i is that video games improve logical thinking.
    In balance, it seems that video games and computers have as many disadventages as positive aspects. However, in some situations they are indispensable.

  8. mam do napisania rozprawke na temat : wiele szkol decyduje sie na wprowadzenie zakazu sprzedaży niezdrowego jedzenia takich jak chipsy i napoje na terenie szkoly. napisz wady i zalety

  9. Muszę napisać rozprawkę na temat: Wielu młodych ludzi,wybierając kierunek studiów nie kieruje się swoimi zainteresowaniami lub sytuacją ekonomiczną, a wybiera kierunki modne lub prestiżowe. Napisz rozprawkę na ten temat, przedstawiając wady i zalety takiej decyzji. Prosze o pomoc.

  10. Wady i zalety życia i pracy w innym kraju.
    Many people go abroad in many different purposes. Some of them have stayed where they originally went to, particularly in western Europe or the USA. There are many advantages and drawbacks of living and working in a different country.
    It is hard to deny that people who emigrate to higher-developed countries, like Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States of America, earn more money than they would otherwise. Those people maintain themselves and are able to send money to their families who live in their homeland.
    It is true that immigrants want to live in richer countries, because they have a lot opportunities, including how to spend their free time. Entertainment like cinema, swimming pool, gym, various festivals is widely available and what is important is that it is much cheaper there than in their home country.
    On the other hand, not everyone has an opportunity to go abroad. One of the most difficult obstacles is the language barrier. For instance, the British do not want to employ immigrants who do not know English.
    However, some people argue that a lot of immigrants are treated badly by their employers abroad. Some foreigners have no visas, which means they are illegal immigrants. As a result, they are used and often abused by them because they cannot turn to somebody who could defends their rights.
    To sum up, there are clearly advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad. In my opinion, it is better to work in a different country if you live in an undeveloped one where there are no opportunities to live in reasonable conditions.

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