Recenzja filmu po angielsku przykład 2

Recenzja filmu The Matrix

When it comes to the most notable movies of all time, The Matrix is certainly high on the list of such pieces. The movie, which made its debut over a decade ago (1999), was so technologically advanced that back at that time, people could barely understand that creating such a hit was possible in the first place.

What The Matrix essentially is is a great plot combined with yet-unseen technology world included within the movie itself. The main protagonist, Neo, gets involved in an immensely complex story, which will continue on through the whole series of the movies (a few of those have been made to date). Not to be understated are all the other characters that make an appearance in the movie. Morpheus, Trinity, Agent Smith, are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and in this particular case, the iceberg seems to be really high. Another aspect why The Matrix has ultimately become a great deal of a phenomenon is the world that is portrayed in the movie. Everything starts in a big American city like any other, but with time, the plot gets more and more complicated, and a completely new world surfaces. The plot is intricate, and trying to describe it in one short piece is not worthwhile. What is worthy of stressing, though, is the great amount of publicity the movie has received over the years, and the acknowledgement of movie critics worldwide.

If you have not seen The Matrix yet, you should certainly do so if you happen to have some time on your hands. One thing is for sure – you will not end up watching only the first part.


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Recenzja filmu po angielsku przykład 2 – The Matrix
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