Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 3

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Przykładowa rozprawka na temat wpływu postępującej komputeryzacji na relacje międzyludzkie:

Experts claim that common computerization will destroy relationships between people

We live in age of big changes and watch phenomenons, which are caused by many discoveries. Thanks to sociologists researches we can cast an expert eye on it.

Some people claim that computerization puts in jeopardy our relationships because it takes much time and quickly makes us dependent on using the computer. A number of social networking websites take our free time and replace real world with the virtual one. Parents say they would rather their children played with peers and talked with them more often. Despite of work simplification, many activities like production in factories or harvesting crops, which in the past were done together, now have disappeared entirely. Modernity is not conducive to build strong ties. Computers and the Internet make us used to the thought that everything should be immediate. We have lost the habit to wait. For this reason, we get nervous with our close friends who are not like a machine, but only a human.

On the other hand, we could be aware of this phenomenon and take care about our relationships. There are many appeals persuading us to pay attention to our ties. Moreover, the Internet may make us more sociable and simplify our contacts. We can send an e-mail to almost everyone, keep in touch and settle scores on Internet economizing free time. What is more, many friendships were struck up on the Intenet thanks to Facebook or chats. People do not feel lonely and see each other thanks to Skype.

To sum up, we should realize this dangerous phenomenon and really watch over our relationships which we still have.


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