Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 4

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Rozprawka na temat wad i zalet życia w dużym mieście:

Drawbacks and benefits of living in a big city

One group of people associates city with noise, while another with variety and enormous chances. Though, neither of them will find out the truth unless they try to live there for a while.

It is hard to deny that big cities are likely to broaden one’s horizons. They are claimed to have plenty of facilities like swimming pools, gyms or theatres. Thanks to them, one is not made to boredom. Undoubtedly, one is able to be more sophisticated rather than people from the countryside. This can help one get attractive job in diverse corporations, which are settled down there. Even if the city is vast, the communication is so developed that you will not bothet it at all.

However, big cities are claimed to be annoying, crowded and as a result, full off trafic jams. It can drive one mad, does not allow for leading peaceful life and takes time. Thus, enormous pollution can be a source of illneses for children and senior people who are not immune enough. Futhermore, living in a big city involves costs. For example, children demand far more than those from the countryside. Not only do their whims are expensive, but also education, extra activities and costs of living add up.

In person, I prefer living in a big city in terms of entertainment, my education and absorbing job. If I happen to find a village that is a suitable place to live, I will most likely move there.


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