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Rozprawka na temat wad i zalet prac domowych(takich jak sprzątanie):

Advantages and disadvantages of working for home

No matter the age and place of residence, we are in charge of keeping order. Sometimes it is thought that cleaning is boring. However, some people find it necessary, others relaxing.

Firstly, cleaning can be an extra reason to start moving and lose weight. Moreover, physical work may make us more relaxed after mental activities. Wiping dust or washing the dishes can be breaks between other activities. During them, we can collect ours thoughts. In peace of mind, we have an opportunity to think through problems. Besides, our parents and roommates will be given pleasure and perhaps they will draw inspiration from our example and also get down to cleaning. It seems clear that only when we tidy up our room by ourselves, we know exactly where everything is. Only in this way are we able to take care of our room’s décor and make us feel well there.

However, it is claimed that cleaning is an uphill job, especially in case children and teenagers, who are forced to tidy up and are not accustomed to keeping order. It is hard to deny that working for home is tiring and after it we can only relax. It takes much time, during which we could do other, more interesting things. For others, it is unprofitable, because they are nearly never at home. They do not attach importance to the order and they are likely to never think about it.

To my mind, working for home is very important, because when we have order around us, we also have order in or minds.


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