Przykład listu motywacyjnego nr 2

List motywacyjny osoby ubiegającej się o stanowisko kucharza:

Human Resources Manager
Mike’s Restaurant
50 Sandy street
Lancashire M15LE
United Kingdom

Maciej Kowalski
Kosmonautów 07 Street
52-119 Wrocław
phone number: 222 222 222

Wrocław, 22 May 2014


Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to respond to a job advertisement you posted on your company’s website a week ago. I am applying for the post of a chef in your restaurant located in Manchester.

I graduated from a culinary school in Wrocław in 2013 and have been looking for an appropriate job ever since. When I finally came across your post advertisement, I knew it was the job I would like to take up, as I have been engaged in cooking and assisting chefs all my life and it has turned into my passion. I have all the qualities and references required to be employed as a chef in a restaurant, and I feel I would certainly meet your expectations once you decided to take me on.

The job you advertise on your website would let me develop myself as a chef, or a chef assistant, and would let your company grow as well, since I would be a great addition to your already existing crew.

Please do contact me if my candidature fulfills your expectations towards a prospective employee.

Yours faithfully,

Maciej Kowalski


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