Opis osoby po angielsku

Często bywa, że jako pracę domową nauczyciele zadają opis osoby po angielsku. Czasami jest to dowolna osoba, a czasami konkretna, np. przyjaciel, przyjaciółka, kolega, koleżanka lub nauczyciel. Poniżej znajdziecie przykładowe opisy wszystkich tych osób. Zobaczcie też cechy charakteru po angielsku oraz opis wyglądu zewnętrznego po angielsku. Mamy nadzieję że pomogą wam one napisać swój własny opis osoby po angielsku :) Zasady pisania opisu po angielsku znajdziecie tutaj.

Opis kolegi lub przyjaciela po angielsku – wzór

Opis przyjaciela po angielsku przykład 1

John is one of my best friends. I first met him in 2005, at a party that was hosted by another friend of mine.

John is a tall, well-built man with short, curly black hair, long, straight nose, and dimples in his cheeks.

He wears loose clothes, including baggy pants, oversized shirts and sport shoes. His main interests are music, martial arts, sports, and people in general.

John is a hardworking person, and his personality traits let me believe he would never turn down any of my questions if I found myself in need.

In conclusion, John is a friendly person I could rely on whatever the circumstances.


Opis przyjaciela po angielsku przykład 2

Myself and Josh have been friends since the early childhood. We not only attended the same kindergarten, we continued on with the same school. There is no denying that I have never had a better friend.

He was born in Wrocław and the same age as I am – 18. He can speak four languages, including Spanish, Italian, his native tongue, English, and a little Polish. Social-wise, Josh is a very outgoing person and, at the same time, very active, which I like a lot.

Girls say that my best friend is pretty handsome. It could well be his dark hair and deep brown eyes that make him so. He may not be the highest friend of mine, but he really is tall. Josh once got an offer to work as a model, but since he had not interest in pursuing such a carrier, he refused to become one.

Personality-wise, my friend is a tad stubborn, yet he puts this feature of his to a good use. Namely, he wants to one day become a surgeon, and thanks to his attitude, he works a lot to achieve success in this direction. What’s more, he likes jokes. He will play them on pretty much everybody whenever he gets such an opportunity. Needless to say, Josh is very helpful and can symphatise with people very easily. Have I mentioned he has never let me down, even in the darkest moments?

He is into sports and plays American football in a local team. His dad even wanted him to become a professional football player, but once Josh told him he wanted to become a surgeon, his dad has never told him Josh’s way of thinking was wrong.

All in all, I love Josh as a brother. We’ve been friends for what would seem ages now, and I hope our friendship isn’t even close to being over.


Opis przyjaciela po angielsku przykład 3

Kamil has been my colleague for three years. I met him for the first time at the beginning of the first class in my high school when he wanted to borrow a pen because he forgot to pack his pencil case.

Physically, Kamil looks older then most other men at the age of eighteen. He is of average height and quite muscular build. His sparkling, expressive, blue eyes on his round face underline his friendliness. He preferes to wear casual, comfortable clothes.

As for his personality, Kamil’s most striking characteristic is his fantastic sense of humor. The ability of turning everything into a joke helps everyone to forget about any problem for a while. Kamil is very good-natured and always has time to chat. He also has a distance to himself because he hardly ever gets offended except when someone is insulting his classmates. However, he tends to be quite nervous when it comes to playing football. Then, he gets annoyed at everything what he does wrong, even when his team is winning.

Kamil always seems to have some free time for his friends. He really likes spending time on the pitch or watching films or dancing all night long in a club. He supports a speedway team Unibax Toruń.

All in all, Kamil is a perfect companion when it comes to having fun. Since the day I met him for the first time we have grown very close and he will be remembered by me as the funniest guy of all the time.


Opis koleżanki lub przyjaciółki po angielsku – wzór

Opis przyjaciółki po angielsku przykład 1

Helen has been a friend of mine for a decade now. We have known each other since kindergarten and stayed close friends ever since.

She is a short girl with fair hair and green eyes. She is of medium build; I would not call her thin, but it would be an exaggeration to consider her plump.

She likes to dress in stylish clothes – predominantly jeans trousers and nice tailored shirts. Her outfit is completed by high-heels that make her look taller than she actually is.

Her personality is one of a kind. Helen is extremely friendly and will always support others when they are in need or some kind of trouble. Thanks to that, she has made many friends that I am happy to be one of. The only aspect I would applaud her if she managed to change would be her attitude towards herself. She will often criticise herself, even if she did not do anything wrong.

To sum up everything about Helen, she is a perfect friend to have. She is pretty, has a great personality and style, but has a disadvantage that still needs to be eliminated.


Opis nauczyciela po angielsku – wzór

Opis nauczyciela po angielsku przykład 1

I will never forget my first teacher at infant school, despite the fact that I haven’t seen her for many years.

Her name was Miss Stevenson, and she was quite old, even then. She wore typical clothes that old people usually wear. She was not a particularly attractive woman, with her large protruding eyes and short greying hair, but she was one of the kindest people I have ever met. In the year spent in her class, I don’t remember her shouting at us once, and she dealt with any situation that arose calmly and patiently.

I remember once taking a seashell to the class and being absolutely heartbroken when one of my classmates accidentally stood on it. Miss Stevenson solved the problem by offering me her own bowl of shells and telling me to choose whichever one I wanted. On another occasion, she took me to my house because my hay fever made my eyes itchy and I had rubbed them so much, they went bright red.

I remember my early years at school as very happy ones, thanks to teachers like Miss Stevenson. Very few teachers are unforgettable, but she is certainly one of them.


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