Opis domu po angielsku. Opis mieszkania po angielsku.

Opis domu po angielsku. Opis mieszkania po angielsku.

Poniżej znajdziecie przykłady długich form wypowiedzi po angielsku, jakimi są opis domu po angielsku oraz opis mieszkania po angielsku. Mamy nadzieję że pomogą wam one napisać własny opis domu lub mieszkania po angielsku.

Opis domu po angielsku wzór

The house I live in is a detached house located in a friendly neighbourhood with lots of green areas. From the outside, it looks truly big, but it is in fact much smaller when you take a step in the inside. The house has two floors – the first one features a hall, a kitchen, a restroom, a spacious living room, and my father’s office. The second floor sports four rooms and a bathroom, all situated right next to each other.

The overall style of the house is certainly elegant, since my parents are true fashion followers and like things and places to be organized pretty and well.

The first floor is very cosy, and yet there is plenty of room to walk and have guests have a comfortable, great time while visiting my family. The restroom is tiny, as most of the space on this floor is taken up by the living room that my parents consider the showcase room of the entire building. Of all the areas on the first floor, I like kitchen the most. It is not only a fairly well-organized and beautifully-smelling place, it always hides something to have when you are looking for a snack.

The four rooms on the second floor are all of medium sizes. My own room is right next to the bathroom, a fact that I greatly appreciate, as I am usually the first to get to the bathroom to have a shower in the morning. Then, next to my room are the ones of my parents, my sister, plus an unoccupied room with a PC equipment, respectively.

All in all, I love my house which I consider my little kingdom. It is organized well-enough for my parents, and surely fun-enough for their offsprings.


Opis mieszkania po angielsku wzór

My friend’s flat is average in terms of size, as it features two rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lobby. The flat is furnished with contemporary furniture; there are no pieces of furniture that would be ten years old or older. It is fairly stylish, and designed with taste.

In the living room stands a massive table always topped with fruits and cookies, a set of chairs surrounding the table, curtains hiding a huge window right behind them, a big shelf filled with books of various kinds, and a pair of paintings hanging on the right wall.

The second room, which is where my friend sleeps, is a cozy room with just the essential furniture my friend needs to get through a day. There is a window on the wall opposite to the entrance, before which stands a desk carrying my friend’s laptop and school notes. On the right, there is a big wardrobe with all of my friend’s clothes inside, while the left-hand side is a home to three shelves that are placed one under each other.

The kitchen has all the right equipment for a cook to prepare a tasty meal, and the bathroom is just a shower, toilet bowl, and a sink.

To sum up, my firiend’s flat has all it takes to lead a happy live in a relatively small place. I bet he loves it, as he has repeatedly told me how much he enjoys spending time in his own flat.

Póki co mamy tylko jeden opis domu po angielsku :) Jeśli chcesz stworzyć własny opis domu lub mieszkania po angielsku i przyczynić się do rozbudowy serwisu, napisz go w komentarzu, a my umieścimy go na stronie wraz z Twoim imieniem. Z góry dzięki :)

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