Opinion Essay Przykład 2

Autor: Olka

Przykładowa rozprawka typu Opinion Essay na temat wykorzystywania zwierząt w eksperymentach

In your opinion, should animals be used for experimentation or not?

People are becoming more and more indifferent to the suffering of other beings. They are afraid of themselves so much that they use animals to protect themselves against potential side effects of drugs, cosmetics, etc. But should we use animals for experimentation? As I see it, definitely not.

I firmly believe that animals feel pain, cold, heat, hunger, pressure and thirst. For example, they are whining when someone kicks or hits them. They also respond with aggression, just like humans, when they feel threat or someone is trying to harm them.

What is more, it seems to me that animals should have more rights. People will not be used for experimentation if they do not agree. What about animals? It is inhuman to take advantage of unprotected beings, which we do not understand and they cannot say what they think and feel.

On the other hand, there are people who think that animals are deprived of feelings. Of course, they cannot talk, but how we can explain why they become attached to their owners? Why do they miss them? They are definitely not deprived of feelings.

In summary, I would say that we should not use animals for experimentation. We also belong to the animal kingdom, even if we consider ourselves more evolved beings. We are only mammals just like dogs, cats, mice, elephants and monkeys. We should protect animals as we protect ourselves.


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