Opinion Essay Przykład 3

Autor: Beata

Przykładowa rozprawka typu Opinion Essay na temat pieniędzy

World would be better without money – true or false?

Nowadays, it seems that the world depends on money. Having a lot of money is often a dream of every man. The common belief is that „money can’t buy happiness” but people realize that life withaut it is impossible. I am strongly convinced that world without money wouldn’t be better.

The main argument to prove my opinion is that the world without money would be very weird. People are accustomed to use money. It gives us the possibility to acquire products.

Furthermore, the lack of money has a negative impact on the economy and the development of countries. We would be far less economically advanced. Moreover, people wouldn’t have the motivation to learn, go to the university or train skills to find a better job.

Finally, many people believe that money is the cause of many crimes like robberies or corruption but it is unlikely that crime would diminish only that the target there of would change.

I strongly believe that moneyless world wouldn’t be better. People think that money is pure evil, but if money was gone, things wouldn’t really be better simply because world without money doesn’t make any sense.


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