Opinion Essay Przykład 5

Autor: Ania

Przykładowa rozprawka typu Opinion Essay na temat tego co jest lepsze w edukacji: nagroda czy kara

What is more important in education of children, punishment or award? People who decide to have children are likely to not be aware of the difficulty of bringing them up. After a couple of years, they find out that they are to choose the method of raising their offsprings:a penalty or an award? In both cases they can suffer the consequences. As far as I am concerned, I would rather reward my child than punish him/her.

Due to the fact that children are partial to sweets or toys, their parents can take advantage of this observation and create an „award system”. This, undoubtedly, will make their relationship more clear and logical. From child, they know what is worthwhile and what is worthless. A child repeats majority of good behaviours and he/she assures in them. Not only do parents create a positive atmosphere, but they also are giving an example for their children. As a result, they have so strong relationship that it cannot be destroyed even in adolescence, the age of rebelling, of their children.

Moreover, children have far stronger motivation to reach their aims as well as an assurance of parents love and proud.

An award is sometimes said to be spoiling children, but assigning a penalty is a similar story. Wise parents more often will choose this method which definitely does less harm to their offspring.

To sum up, if somebody asked me, I would choose rewarding children rather than punishing them. I also state that punishment has a lot of sad consequences and is not a reason to motivate children at all.


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