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I will never forget my first teacher at infant school, despite the fact that I haven’t seen her for many years.

Her name was Miss Stevenson, and she was quite old, even then. She wore typical clothes that old people usually wear. She was not a particularly attractive woman, with her large protruding eyes and short greying hair, but she was one of the kindest people I have ever met. In the year spent in her class, I don’t remember her shouting at us once, and she dealt with any situation that arose calmly and patiently.

I remember once taking a seashell to the class and being absolutely heartbroken when one of my classmates accidentally stood on it. Miss Stevenson solved the problem by offering me her own bowl of shells and telling me to choose whichever one I wanted. On another occasion, she took me to my house because my hay fever made my eyes itchy and I had rubbed them so much, they went bright red.

I remember my early years at school as very happy ones, thanks to teachers like Miss Stevenson. Very few teachers are unforgettable, but she is certainly one of them.


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