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Myself and Josh have been friends since the early childhood. We not only attended the same kindergarten, we continued on with the same school. There is no denying that I have never had a better friend.

He was born in Wrocław and the same age as I am – 18. He can speak four languages, including Spanish, Italian, his native tongue, English, and a little Polish. Social-wise, Josh is a very outgoing person and, at the same time, very active, which I like a lot.

Girls say that my best friend is pretty handsome. It could well be his dark hair and deep brown eyes that make him so. He may not be the highest friend of mine, but he really is tall. Josh once got an offer to work as a model, but since he had not interest in pursuing such a carrier, he refused to become one.

Personality-wise, my friend is a tad stubborn, yet he puts this feature of his to a good use. Namely, he wants to one day become a surgeon, and thanks to his attitude, he works a lot to achieve success in this direction. What’s more, he likes jokes. He will play them on pretty much everybody whenever he gets such an opportunity. Needless to say, Josh is very helpful and can symphatise with people very easily. Have I mentioned he has never let me down, even in the darkest moments?

He is into sports and plays American football in a local team. His dad even wanted him to become a professional football player, but once Josh told him he wanted to become a surgeon, his dad has never told him Josh’s way of thinking was wrong.

All in all, I love Josh as a brother. We’ve been friends for what would seem ages now, and I hope our friendship isn’t even close to being over.


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