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My name is John and I am an 18-year-old student. My passion is music and my dream job is to be a world-famous DJ.

I am 180 cm tall. My spiky hair add to my eccentric personality, and some consider them wacky. I have protruding brown eyes and a straight nose. My lips are thin and my chin is squarish. Since I have worked out a little at a local gym, my shoulders are broad and my overall build is muscular. I am very slim in waist and my legs are rather thin.

According to my friends, I am friendly, yet a bit of an introvert. I will often focus on myself and on my own needs instead of looking at others. Despite that, people I know have never told me I am an ignorant type and will often praise me for my trustworthiness. To be honest, I am aware of one big issue as far as my character is concerned. I am lazy, so I will often put off things and do whatever I want to do first.

In conclusion, I consider myself a friendly, if somewhat introvertic person who sticks out of the crowd a little, especially thanks to my hair that cannot go unnoticed.


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Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 1 – Chłopak
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