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Hi! I am a 17-year-old girl, Sandra, who loves hanging out with friends and talking about celebrities.

I am a fashion lover. I always wear fashionable clothes that I have no problem finding the right size of, as I am a slim girl. Also, I am short size-wise, which I actually do not have a problem with. I have a brother whose name is Josh. Even though we are of similar age, we do not get along too well. He is interested in football, while I absolutely do not understand what is to be liked about that sport.

I have short, curly red hair, freckles on my cheeks, and green eyes that contrast with the freckles and the color of my hair. My legs are of medium length and straight. I often change the style of shoes I wear, but I mostly prefer flat, elegant ones.

As for my personality, I have a hard time describing it, as I do not like talking about my character. People say I am very explosive and energetic, and I tend to agree with this statement. I get along with girls well, but I do not have many male friends, probably because of differences in interests and hobbies.

All in all, I am a big fashion victim who likes to show that in her appearance. My personality may not be the easiest, but people like it.

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Opis siebie po angielsku przykład 3 – Dziewczyna
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