Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 2

Autor: Majka

Przykładowa rozprawka na temat profesjonalnego uprawiania sportu przez nastolatków:

More and more teenagers are taking up sport professionally. The moot question is whether it has only positive sides, or if it is a negative phenomenon. This is what I am going to discuss below.

Firstly, proponents of sport and activity argue that it is healthy. Young people can keep shape and fit, they have great condition, are unlikely to become sick. Secondly, taking up sport with a trainer can open the door to any sports discipline. Big chances are given to them. They meet influential people and become recognizable in the society. Teenagers are famous and rich. Sportsmen may do what they really love.

On the other hand, opponents say that it is exhausting. Teenagers are often worn out. They need to train long hours if they want to achieve success. What is more, it destroys their youth and affects their friendship. They have no time for themselves. Sometimes young sportsmen have no friends due to not having time for them. They exercise regularly and it absorbs them entirely. Moreover, they are in danger of injury. If anything goes wrong, they can lose everything they have achieved thus far.

To sum up, both proponents and opponents have a lot of arguments to prove that they are right. Taking into consideration all of the aforementioned arguments, I tend to agree with proponents more.


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