Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 6

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Rozprawka na temat indywidualistów

Undoubtedly, among our acquaintances there are some individualists. For sure, they differ from others. Having an opportunity to watch them in various situations we are aware of many advantages but also some drawbacks they feature.

First of all, they usually are said to be original, wise and creative. These features are beneficial, because they are capable of thinking outside of the box and suggest atypical solutions to various issues. Moreover, their work is very efficient and well done due to the fact that they exactly know what they aim at and sacrifice themselves. Doing their best, they do not let themseleves to any failure.
Individualists have their own world, which can be their shelter. As a result, they are so persistent and independent that no one can hurt them.

However, being an individualist has its drawbacks. In the long run, people cannot deal with their orginality and oddity, as they are not on the same wavelength as others are. Not only are they solitary, but they also have difficulties in applying for a job. Most of bosses neither tolerate their personality nor appreciate their gifts. Futhermore, they often look down on others, underestimate some trends and feel misunderstood by people.

Altogether, individualists are valuable and interesting people, but for the price of being liked by others, they should try to get along with them. They had better be themselves while socialising with others.


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Rozprawka po angielsku przykład 6 – Rozprawka na temat indywidualistów
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