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Home Alone is certainly one of the best known Christmas movies in Poland, even though it is an American one. The reason for that is not only because one of the major Polish TV channels opted to air it almost every year for the last decade or so, but what the movie includes is a mixture of great fun and a lovely family experience.

I see Home Alone as a must see movie for anyone who has not seen it yet, for whatever reason. The cast may not be filled with Hollywood stars to the extent many other Christmas movies are, but the acting certainly contradicts the thesis that a movie has to contain at least one star to be worthwhile watching. The plot is simple, yet very interesting. A kid, Kevin, is left alone at home, while all of his siblings have left to have a wonderful Christmas time elsewhere. Prior to the departure of Kevin’s family, he makes a wish to be alone during Christmas time because of an argument he had with his mother an evening before.

Having realised what happened, Kevin rejoices that he is finally alone and can do anything he wants. One day, two thieves decide to plunder Kevin’s house, after they worked out the family must have left for the Holidays. The kid does not fret the unwanted visitors, and prepares a trap at virtually every place in his house, so that the thieves do not leave the house unharmed. What happens after the two enter the house is something worth seeing, hence I will not describe it in my review – words will not do it justice. At the end of the movie, the family reunites and a happy ending takes place.

Overall, I find Home Alone amusing to the point where I would recommend watching it to anyone into Christmas movies. I love it, and am sure that you, too, will not regret watching it.


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Recenzja filmu po angielsku przykład 1 – Kevin sam w domu
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