Recenzja filmu po angielsku przykład 3

Recenzja filmu Titanic

Titanic, a 1997 movie, is one of the most recognizable movies ever created. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it tells the tragic story that really happened, yet the story itself is portrayed in a wonderful way that will appeal to a great number of viewers.

The movie starts off like any other movie. It is the story, though, that grabs the attention and immediately makes the viewer fall in love with the plot. Titanic is a story of two lovers, who fall for each other during the cruise on the world’s largest ship yet, Titanic, which was thought to be indestructible. The love story develops as the cruise progresses. Sadly and tragically, the wonderful story is halted by an iceberg that Titanic hits on its way to the destination point.

The ‚unsinkable’ ship turns out not to be such a marvelous invention, as water starts flooding the deck, and, ultimately, the Titanic sinks. People on board are divided – some of them do not survive, while others manage to reach the security boards. This is an overall picture of the plot, but the movie contains a great deal of details, which are only worth experiencing while watching the movie by oneself.

To sum up, Titanic is one of the classics in the history of movie industry. Not only does it depict the true story of Titanic, a technological marvel, as it was first perceived, but it also contains what could prematurely be seen as a sidestory, which will ultimately take over the plot.


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Recenzja filmu po angielsku przykład 3 – Titanic
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